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OpenTelemetry receiver

Posted by Mart Liu | Co-founder & CTO at ObserveAny on Aug 11, 2023

Without any configuration, your application can submit metrics and trace to ObserveAny using the OpenTelemetry instrumentation and SDKs.

Subscribing and Creating Subscription Instances from AWS

You can subscribe to ObserveAny by searching for it in the AWS Marketplace. After subscribing, you will be prompted to redirect to ObserveAny for login or registration. Upon successful login or registration, you will see the Dashboard and proceed with creating a subscription instance.


  1. Download opentelemetry-javaagent.jar form Release of the opentelemetry-java-instrumentation repository and place the JAR in your preferred directory.

  2. Add -javaagent:path/to/opentelemetry-javaagent.jar and other config to your JVM startup arguments and launch your app.

    java -javaagent:path/to/opentelemetry-javaagent.jar 
        -jar myapp.jar
    # or
    export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:path/to/opentelemetry-javaagent.jar"
    export OTEL_SERVICE_NAME="your-service-name"
    export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS="Authentication=<token>"
    export OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_TRACES_ENDPOINT="<NAMESPACE>.metrics.observeany.com:4317"
    java -jar myapp.jar
  3. Configure ObserveAny collector entpoint