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What's the ObserveAny

Posted by Mart Liu | Co-founder & CTO at ObserveAny on May 07, 2023

ObserveAny is an application performance monitoring system developed based on Apache SkyWalking. It is specifically designed for microservices, cloud-native, and container-based (Docker, Kubernetes) architectures. ObserveAny provides a comprehensive solution that combines application metrics, distributed tracing, service mesh telemetry analysis, metric aggregation, and visualization.

ObserveAny is a modern APM system that supports Java-based development frameworks such as Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, and JVM. It also supports languages like .NET Core, Python, Node.js, and various database systems. It is non-intrusive to your code and communicates using gRPC to transport observation data following the OpenTracing specification.

Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ObserveAny offers an out-of-the-box integration, allowing you to observe your system in a clear view with just a few steps.

Key Features

ObserveAny already supports 6 visual dimensions to analyze the operation of distributed systems. The Overview provides a global view of applications and components, including the count of components and applications, alert fluctuations, slow service lists, and application throughput. The Topology graph displays the application's dependency relationships, showcasing the entire application's topology. The Application view presents the upstream and downstream relationships of an individual application, top N services and servers, JVM-related information, and corresponding host information. The Service view focuses on the runtime status of a single service entry and its dependencies, providing dependency degrees to help optimize and monitor individual services. The Tracing view shows all the interception points and their runtime for each request in a single invocation chain. The Alert view provides real-time alerts for applications, servers, and services based on configured thresholds.


With the increasing complexity of IT systems, troubleshooting becomes increasingly challenging. Traditional application monitoring (APM) and network monitoring (NPM) tools can identify failed function calls or performance degradation in specific links but struggle to pinpoint the root cause of failures in complex cloud environments. Therefore, ObserveAny is designed for large-scale systems, adhering to the OpenTracing specification. It features a modern UI and high-performance automatic probes to quickly identify security vulnerabilities introduced during development and testing environments.